I lost my data..... progress lost?

I formatted my cell phone and installed the application again, I had more than 1000 films saved as watched, but there are only 59 now, why? Was my progress lost?

Was it back ip to cloud? Did u switch on the cloud icon?

Yes, I activated it, all the content had a cloud symbol, but 90% did not return

@chris help me…please! SOS

Do you use trakt or use the Moviebase account?
Did you create a backup file?

I use movie base account. I believed that I had a backup, because all my progress had the cloud icon made. my registered email is: maxsuelhenrique1904@gmail.com

@chris help me…please! SOS

The cloud icon has a check icon in the cloud icon when it has been synced.

Great you have a backup, so you can restore the cold data from your saved backup file. If you formatted the entire data, an internal backup will not restore the data, because it will delete all information.

@chris So the films marked as watched, which didn’t come back, won’t come back anymore?

If you created a backup file then you can restore them. Sorry to hear about that.

The best before deleting is to check if the films have the cloud icon + create a backup file.