I give full support for the Turkish language option

Hi, I used the language more appropriate to the film and more comprehensible Turkish translation. Now on a fully understandable level. I’ve seen what I haven’t checked in before. I’ve worked hard and I’ve been doing a lot of research. I checked all the strings and made it understandable. This application ‘’ 100% ‘’ will be able to use as very comfortable. Thus they receive a Premium account. You can also publish easily with the next update. I wish you continued success

In the meantime ‘’ Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Writer, Screenplay, Story, etc. ‘’ for the translation of the words are not available. You need to upload all the words to Crowdine for everyone to use in their own language

Hi Vural, thank you very much for your translation. It helps me a lot to improve the app :slight_smile:

Some words come from TMDb which aren’t translatable. I think jobs like Producer, Writer etc. are fine at the moment.


I’m constantly making small changes in translation to provide the best experience and the most accurate definition.

Some words in beta are English.

Will you update it from Crowdin.