I can't see the episodes names

Is there something to do about the fact, that for a lot of series I can’t see the episode name?
Moviebase is getting nicer and nicer. But it isn’t working for me. I can’t find the right episode. I am using TV Time now. But I hope to switch in the future. I am living in the Netherlands. English information would be no problem. (a lot better than no information)
See my second message for the other screenshot.

It’s strange that you can’t attach screenshots. Is your content language is English?

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I could only put one screenshot in it. So here is the second one

The language is dutch. But when I change it to English I still don’t have episode names

You have to change the language not in the general settings, but in the media content settings.

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Thank you! That was the answer! I changed it and now I see the names :smiley: It’s a lot of work, but I think I am going to switch now


Thanks a lot for your help @bodya_elven!

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