I can't see if a serie is hidden

When I look at a serie I have seen episode’s of, I can’t see if the serie is hidden. The button of hidden always stay the same. Hidden or not.
And the only way I can remove it from hidden, is scrolling through the hidden map.
I would like it if the pictogram of ‘hidden’ would change when it’s hidden. And that with the same button I could remove it from hidden again.

Chris Krueger, can you look at it?

There is an option to hide items from the standard lists.

On which list do you have the issue with the hidden?

It’s every serie I open. The hidden icon is always there. But it looks always the same. It can be hidden or it can be not. The only way to see what it is, is when I look at the recently watched. The serie isn’t there when hidden.
And when I want to remove it from hidden, the only way is to scrol in the hidden folder. There isn’t a searching option. (I can’t remove it from hidden with the hidden icon at the serie)
I hope you can understand what I mean. Thank you for looking at it.
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@Mireille_Ruiter Thanks. As I understood you correctly: You want an indication about the hidden status on the details page?

And also to search easier all your hidden items in the app?

Yes, that’s correct. And I would like to use the hidden button to hide and unhide it. Or an other simple way. Thanks for looking at it.
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I created the post Add hidden indicator on details page | Voters | Moviebase