I can't add new lists

Hi, i am trying to create a new lists and i get an error. Maybe cause there is a list limit for Trakt unless you have premium. Can you make them local then habe it tie into trakts system when they have premium? Or does it have to be conected to the system trakt uses only? Also what features are currently supported for trakt premium users? Do i have access to the trakt feature that lets you write and see personal notes on different series or movies?

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I like how you have this site so people can ask questions and list bugs. Then you ignore them if you dont think its important.

There shouldn’t be a limitation in creating lists.

Person notes is under review, but not started yet.

I get an error message cause TRAKT does not allow more than 10 lists. I have 14 because I had them registered before the 10 list rule. Any new list I add gets and error message that I have attatched a screenshot of.

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Hello?? A response would be great.