Home Screen Upcoming Schedule is Incorrect

In the newly released beta 4.0.4, the Upcoming Schedule on the Home page is very wrong. It includes many shows that have ended, and nothing is in the proper order. Some example screens follow:

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thanks for reporting,. it’s already fixed in a newer beta.


Great, thanks Chris. I look forward to the new beta.

Hi Chris,

I just installed Beta 4.0.5. The Upcoming Schedule listing is much better, but mine still has two problem areas. At the beginning of the display, mine shows 5 “waiting” shows listed before the first “now” entry. See below.

In addition, two shows with upcoming schedules of “now” and “13 weeks” are shown at the end of the display, after all the other “waiting” shows.

Better, but not quite correct.

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Thanks for the report. I have changed the entire database, and it seems that I forgot to sort/filter the elements correctly.

I will fix it as soon as possible.