Home Screen Personal Lists Dsplay Flashing

Since I updated to the first version 4 beta, sometimes when I go to my Moviebase Home Screen, the entries on the row containing my Personal Lists, flash on and off. Different entries flash at different rates. It doesn’t always happen, but it happens a lot. I tried to attach a screen video capture, but that doesn’t seem to be allowed.

I don’t see this behavior anywhere else in Moviebase or in any other app, It never did this prior to the new beta version.

Do you still have the issue? This could happen with our database and the background refreshing tasks.

Hi Chris,

I haven’t seen the problem in several days, so it looks to be fixed. Before I would see it almost every day.


Sorry, I spoke too soon. After upgrading the beta 4.1.4, the flashing is back.

Ist this only the personal list item on the Home Screen?

It is only the personal list categories that flash, but when they are flashing, they flash both on the home screen and in the drop down box for individual items where the personal lists can be selected or de-selected for a show.

It may be updating when it’s flashing, but it’s not saying it’s synchronizing at the time. It seems to happen more the first time I look at it in the morning.