Hide movies you have viewed from the list

Can we hide viewed movies from our personal lists? I have found the option in the premium list settings, but the option is not working. I’m still seeing my already watched movies in my list.

On the first screenshot, you can see the activated option.

On the second screenshot, you can see watched movies in the list.

Maybe you can add a checkbox in the right sidebar to activate/deactivate this option?

Hi Tim, own lists are excluded from hiding feature. You could remove the movie from your personal list?

Remove it in the personal Trakt list? But it is a 100 top movie list and remove an item is not the best option :smirk:

Yes true, but I am not sure if users want hidden TV shows in their personal lists.

Maybe I explain my issue wrong. I want to hide already seen movies in a personal top 100 movies list, but without a remove

Totally agree with this.

It would be great to add a filter to hide/show “Watched” movies in my Collections/Lists.

This is very useful. It helps users easily find a new movie in their Collections/Lists to watch by filtering out all movies they have already watched. In other word, it will show “Unwatched” movies only.