Get Premium Prompt for Premium User

I am running beta 4.7.1.

When I select a TV show season to display the list of episodes, and the list is quite long, I see a prompt to get the premium version of Moviebase even though I am already a premium user. The prompt is replaced by the list of episodes as soon as it becomes available. Here are two examples:

I believe this screen displaying the prompt is being created every time one selects a season for display, and perhaps before other types of screens are displayed as well, but the episode list usually appears so quickly in place of it that we don’t normally see the get premium prompt. It is only because the long episode list causes enough delay that the prompt appears in these cases. Obviously, the app should be checking if the user already has premium access before it ever prepares that screen for display.

That’s not like expected. Do you get the banner on every details page?

Thanks for this report!

No, I only see it when displaying a season with a very long list of episodes, like the examples I gave. It only displays briefly until the list of episodes is ready to display. I really think the premium user prompt is always prepared for display when a season is selected for episode list display, but for normal seasons, it does not have time to be visible before it is overlaid by the list of episodes. It’s only when there are very many episodes in a season that preparing them for display takes long enough for the premium prompt to become visible on the screen. That’s my theory anyway.

Yep, the loading is very performance-intensive. I will have a look.

This appears to be fixed in beta 4.8.0. I have not been able to make it happen in that release. Thank you.

Great it works! Do you have any performance issues on this page?

No, none at all. In fact, the performance seems much better than ever before. I don’t see any delays at all. And I think the new technique for navigation among different show related screens is much better and easier to use. Thank you for your efforts.

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