Genre Filter/Sorting Not Working & Widget Problems

(1) Genre Widget; within the widget, select TV Shows and then click arrow to be taken to a list of all genres, click a genre and it will display the movies in that genre despite it saying TV Shows.

(2) Filter/Sorting; I select sorting by release date, descending but it seems to display them randomly.

Anyone else experiencing these issues?

Thanks in advance…

Hey, thanks for the bug report. The first was a minor issue.
I will check the second today.

I found the issue and fixed it. Thanks very much for reporting this :slight_smile:

@Chris, sorry for the delay in replying but thanks for looking into this - any ideas when you’ll push the next update to include these fixes?

#StaySafe #MovieBase

Hey, this should be fixed in the latest version.

Yup! All is good sir, thanks.