Galaxy s21 Ultra Android 13 Not compatible

I’ve been trying to update the app on google play store, but it says that the app isn’t compatible with my device anymore? why?

Maybe of the new Android 13 version.

Which version do you use at the moment?

I’m on android 12, OneUI 4.1
Google play system update and android security patch level : july 1st, 2022

Any update on what’s the reason for the incompatibility and if it’ll get fixed? @chris

Not yet, I couldn’t identify why this is the case.

Could you send me a screenshot of the page?


By the way, the app still works. I just can’t update it on google play store anymore.
Also, my phone is rooted, I don’t know if that’s related to the update issue.

I still can’t update
Now it won’t even come up when I search moviebase in google playstore
Any news on what might be the reason? @chris

We don’t support rooted devices due to security issues and less support for the Google Play Services.