Fix missing thousands separator in Budget and Revenue in latest version

In the latest update, Budget and Revenue does not show thousands separator.

Budget US$ 250000000
Revenue US$ 956030690

Thanks for the information. Do you still have the issue?

Yes. I’m on 2.0.4. Checked many movies, issue is still there.

You could set the language in general settings, which should update the locale for showing the correct number format.

Thanks Chris. Set it to English and it displays properly now.

For Settings > Media Content > Region. I couldn’t find Australia on the list.

Also, can you look into this issue Add the Searched keywords list back? Not sure you noticed this, but I posted it 2 months ago.

Good that it works again. I added Australia to the region list :slight_smile:

Thanks. So Australia will appear in the next update right? Couldn’t find it in current version.

Also, what the “Region” would do here?

The app uses the language tag for formatting the currency. I think it was not set correctly.

The region (content settings) is for release dates and certification of movies and TV shows.