Features Request Please

Hey @chris, I installed the app two weeks back. Really loved :heart_eyes: the UI (+ features), bought premium same day :dollar:.
Now i have learned to use this app to its fullest. But there are some changes that i think :thinking:can improve user experience

Main App

  1. Floating button is should have some title or detail that tells what it is going to do. I messed :pensive: two series just to know what it does. And I can’t undo the changes it made.

  2. Progress and calendar should include tv series that are in watchlist or there should be an option to make it. (Watchlist itself means tv shows being watched with 0 episodes watched). Plz Plz :pleading_face:it is must. It helps one tracking the watchlist shows’ progress as well.

  3. In calendar, it shows only one episode it being released even if many episodes are being released on the same day. Please add information about every episode. As in the image.

Example Netflix releases episodes in bulk. Whole season at a time. but calendar says only one episode is being released. I am a binge watcher. Whole season at a time. I wont watch if i have incomplete information about show.

  1. Calendar should show every future episode(like infinite days) that is in TVDB or trakt DB. It helps tracking.

  2. I think “Statistics” should have its own tab. with much more and interesting details. Most people including me loves trakt because of the statistics. For some it is like an achievement :sweat_smile:
    It can have few more details like "Shows left to watch(in number), episodes left to watch (in number and in time hours) , Shows (number) completely watched, Top shows(with thumbnails) from past 30 days(sorted by playback time), Top 10 shows (with thumbnails) of lifetime (sorted by time i spent on watching them). It will be awesome and informatory. Please do consider it.
    Something like these

Widgets (I am great fan on them)

  1. Please enable us to change transparency and background color of widgets.

I know this may look much, but it is a request from heart. You may take your time. Time is not a problem. But please add them in the to-do list. I am pretty sure that it will help everyone. All the suggestions i have given are from my personal experience. I have tried many apps and have told the best features of them above.
Though I have used references from other apps but they are for indication only. No offence :pleading_face:
Love and Respect :love_you_gesture:

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  1. A solution will come next version.
  2. This is too hard to implement :pensive:
  3. It’s not so easy, but I try to have it in the future.
  4. I added to the task board, too.
  5. I want to refresh the current statistics, but there are a few more important feature :wink:

Widget is also on the ToDo list.

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@chris I am glad you acknowledged. Time is no constraint. Take your time. Don’t over stress :blush:. I look forward to see the app having all the best features.
Have a good day.

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Thank you very much for your feedback and support :slight_smile:

Hi @chris . Just updated the app. And was glad to see the widgets customisation. Well done for that. There is small problem I encountered, it is “readability” after changing transparency.

As you can see in blue and red rectangle, it is not clearly visible. So if you may change all texts color to white with black outline, it would be visible on every wallpaper. Or you may take care of it according to your wish. Thanks again for fast update. May God be with you.

Ps. Wallpaper cannot be changed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please consider this post as well @chris. The text is unreadable with some wallpapers. If possible please make text white with outline of black color. It would be visible on all wallpapers . Thank you

I’m for 2, 3, 4 and 5. It just makes sense. Thanks.