Feature request: "Wer streamt es" instead of "JustWatch"

Hi, in general it’s good that the link to “JustWatch” has been added to quickly check the streaming.

Unfortunately, this site has a lot of tracking built in, too overloaded overall.

I’d like the link after the search term to lead to “Wer streamt es” instead. If others want to stick to “JustWatch”, I would also like to add it.

Hi, prinzipiell ist es gut, dass der Link zu “JustWatch” eingebaut wurde, um das Streamen schnell zu prüfen.

Leider hat diese Seite ziemliches Tracking eingebaut, insgesamt auch zu überladen.

Ich würde wünschen, dass stattdessen der Link nach dem Suchbegriff zu “Wer streamt es” führt. Gerne auch zusätzlich, falls andere unbedingt an “JustWatch” festhalten wollen.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I added the WerStreamtEs in the current beta version 1.2.8.

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Thank you! That’s quick… :wink:

Once you have a series episode displayed, "Wer streamt es " is missing - but all the other services are visible.

Welcome :slight_smile:

It’s only available for TV shows and movies. I could add it to the episode menu as well!?

Yes, would be nice.

Could lead to title of the show (not to the episode).