Feature request: own sync / eigene Synchronisation

Hi, I would like to have the movies/series on Phone and Tablet identical.

Great would be:

  • Ability to synchronize (like via your own cloud, you don’t have to provide it
  • Or: Option to automatically export and import from a file. The user can synchronize them himself.

Thanks for reading.

Hi, gerne würde ich gerne die Filme/Serien auf Phone und Tablet identisch haben.

Toll wäre:

  • Möglichkeit zur Synchronisation (gerne über eigene Cloud, musst du nicht bereitstellen)
  • Oder: Option zum automatischen Export und Import aus einer Datei. Diese kann der Benutzer ja selbst synchronisieren.

Danke fürs Lesen.

Hi Andi, thanks for your good suggestion. As you have already seen, you can only export/import the entire database at the moment.

I am just working on an account synchronization of all your data with Google Cloud, which will take a few weeks to implement. At the moment, I finished some caching mechanism.

Best regards,



Thank you very much!

Hi chris,

would it be possible to export to mysql file or csv and not only as realm file ?
I do not know how i can import a realm file to a local mysql database.

Regards Eddy

Realm is a NoSQL database which as one file. We was thinking about CSV files, but we decided to implement a cloud service first.

At the moment, we are working on new design with an own account registration. After that we will add the cloud service with a better Trakt sync.


@chris Thank you, we are looking forward.

Which cloud service? Via user’s Google Drive account?

It is a full integrated server. You can register your profile with Email, Google or Facebook.

Hmm, ok, YOUR server… But this causes costs. Who will pay for this?

Why not syncing a file via cloud chosen by users? Google, Dropbox or WebDAV etc.?

Yes, we will Run Google App Engine for data.

Not everyone has Google Drive. Data on a sever can be refreshed (e.g. new episodes).