Feature request: Ability to select the time of watching when you tap the check mark

I already posted about this in a now deleted review on the Play Store, sorry about that. I love this app and I’d like to stop using the trakt website on mobile, but sometimes I need to because Moviebase is missing this feature.

How I would implement it: when you tap the check mark a card should appear asking you when you you watched the movie. Alternatively if not everyone likes this, instead of simply tapping, long press the check mark.
I know you can change the date afterwards, but that’s a pain, I don’t want to bother to do that.

Best regards!


Don’t care about the review, thank you very much for your post now :slight_smile:

This suggestion comes up very often and it’s been on my todo list for a long time. I will check the next days if I can implement it easily. There are a few places where I have to add it (overview lists, progress page, detail perspective)


Trakt offers the function to save multiple plays. That’s still missing in Moviebase.

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Hi worldtest,

I know, but it’s very hard to implement. There are more important features like calendar, cloud sync etc.

I second this feature request! I’m pretty easy to please, but this is pretty high on my wish list. If not the highest.