Export .cvs /.json file

Hi, qq

Is there any option we can export all our list in to a .cvs or .json file so we can import that in to SIMKL track site?

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Hi San,

I am working on a backup feature in JSON format and maybe an option form import/export CSV files.


Export would be great for future proofing reasons.

Also @chris have you checked this? https://twitter.com/trakt/status/1604115995567607808

Do you have any idea what will happen when the APIs are back up (with the data loss)? Will you sync Moviebase latest data to trakt or will trakt items (being unwatched) override the “new” Moviebase data?

Can we export current progress to avoid any potential loss happening on Monday?

Thanks Chris, the export feature will be eagerly awaited :slightly_smiling_face:
Also if you see the attached screenshot maybe we can also have a secondary sync option to Google Drive, OneDrive etc. If that’s too much work, ignore it for now and lets have that manual export option to export all our Trakt lists (Watchlist, Custom lists) implemented in the app.

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I worked on a backup JSON file, which I can release in the beta version in the next days.

The restoring mechanism is in progress.

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The new beta 3.8.0 has the new backup JSON feature.

@chris “Beta programme is currently full” is the message I am getting unfortunately:( Any way you can add me to the beta please?