Episodes showing in progress but not aired yet

Hi! I’ve noticed that there is a bug in some shows like Westworld. There is no episode aired yet, but it shows in progress page.

Congrats for your amazing app by the way!


u have to turn off the setting “including completed”.

@peskarolo Could you show me Westworld in the list view that I see what’s the next airing episode?

Sometimes ±1 day is in the airing episodes (because timezones)

Thanks for the answer but that setting is turned off.

It’s quite strange, there is no next episode, but in the count it says 20/21 episodes… :thinking:

FYI: In TMDB there was one new episode of season 3 (with no aired date or any other information). I’ve ordered to delete that episode, now there is a season 3 with no episodes maybe it is related to the error…

Thanks for the screen and information. I think it’s really related to this new episode. I will check it :slight_smile:

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@peskarolo is the wrong number of episodes available when you refresh?

I think the tmdb delivers me the wrong number of episodes. Created a new check in the app.

Solve with the new update! Thank you

Hi again Chris. I write you again because I’ve noticed again the same error that I have mentioned before.

I attach pictures to explain better:

In this screen, an episode of walking dead season 10 appears in progress view even there is no aired date for that episode (including complete setting is turned off).

In that screenshot there is another bug. There is no check mark :ballot_box_with_check: for Stanger Things show (but in list view all seems OK :thinking:)

I don’t know if it is related, but in next episodes view, I still see Stranger Thing even it is aired yet.

I hope I’ve explained well… Thanks for the support.