Disabling ratings in poster view + requests


I like the new update UI but is it possible to remove ratings in poster view (or an option) because it feels too intrusive and cumbersome.

-Also is it possible to have a full poster view, with only thumbnails.

-lastly having all ratings displayed at a glance on the movie page would be nice and better than having to click on “more” button again.


You can hide all icons in poster view. This is the only list setting at the moment.

Full poster view is only in details perspective possible.

I will resign the details perspective and keep an eye on the ratings.

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Ok I see, thanks for the infos.

I don’t want to remove icons, I think it’s a good thing and option. I mean the ratings in poster view since the new update like the picture I attached.

Thanks for considering it as a toggable option to remove it.

Today again watched a movie that was poorly rated, but I loved it :sweat_smile:. Feels like ratings on poster view ruin the mood of discovery. Finding new movie without being influenced, just my opinion. :+1:

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