Did Premium price in India increase recently?

I noticed in few posts that Moviebase Premium was priced at INR 200 per year even for users who subscribed about 2months ago, but in latest version, the prices I can see are higher at INR 800 per year. Has there been a promotion couple months ago? When I checked Premium prices last year, they were quite high and I had to switched to another alternative at that time and was waiting for lower prices on Premium but haven’t seen any announcement for any such promotions.

Hey I don’t know about others but in the month of May when I opened moviebase app I got a pop out on my screen it said get premium at INR 200 for the whole year and without thinking much I bought it because prior to that the price was inr 800 and it is still the same for whole years subscription I had a long chain of discussion with Chris because I wasn’t able to get my premium membership back and he was more than happy to refund me the amount but after a day or so my subscription came back. I don’t why this happened or I don’t even know what will happen to my subscription after a year will I get the subscription at the same price or do I have to pay INR 800 for it because the subscription which I have currently is INR 200 and it’s recurring. I hope Chris can say something on this.