Data transfer to Trakt

Hello! I have a Moviebase account that is not integrated with Trakt. Can I integrate my account with Trakt to transfer my lists there? Is this possible?

I didn’t find the button to integrate in the existing account so I tried in the next way

  1. Create new backup on Moviebase account
  2. Loguot
  3. Login via Trakt
  4. Restore backup, the problem is that the backup restore only returned ‘bookmarks’ and ‘ratings’ but ‘history’ items was not restored
    (I just tried to find workaroud :slight_smile: )

The two accounts work independently. So both accounts have their lists.

In theory, you could create a backup via JSON and replace all account ID and account type with the trakt one then it should sync it. However this is kind of risky.

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