Data disappeared

I have been using this app now for 1-2 years, premium user. I always make sure that my changes are synced in the cloud and that a weekly backup is created. Today when I opened the app I was logged out. When I logged in all my data was gone. I can see my search history but Movies/ Tv shows are empty.
Syncing the data or trying to load the internal backup that was created on 21.10 are not working. Please help, I am having a mini stroke rn…

Did you use trakt or the Moviebase Google login?
What happens when you try to restore your backup data?

I see a newly created account. Are you sure you logged in with the correct data?

Latter, Moviebase with Google account.
I get the “please wait” message and then nothing.

Meanwhile I see your next message. I have been using the same account for as long as I had the app. Also, I still see the premium badge under my name.

Ok, seems like I was an idiot. Could restore it using Trakt. But I still don’t get how the accounts are linked as I didnt create the google acc now.

Great it works. Each account works independently so that it doesn’t overwrite content.

Restore a backup will restore from the trakt account. I don’t developed a all account sync mechanism.

Thank your for your quick response!
I just panicked a bit as I really like this app and I have a history of things randomly breaking for me. :sweat_smile:

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