Dark theme! Personal lists!

The latest update broke the Dark theme!
The deletion of data in the personal lists of actors has not been fixed yet! They are not deleted.

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Since the latest update 4.1.2, I have the same problem with the theme totally broken.

I have the same.
And one more problem. Actors are not yet removed from the list of favorites.

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Same issue with dark mode here. Dark and light theme seem to be mixed, which makes navigating the app a challenge.


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Thanks. I will check the issue!

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Is the bug fixed in the new version 4.1.3?

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In my case, yes, it is fixed, thanks :+1:

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The issue is back in the latest version 4.4.0

It seems like an issue with some Google libraries with specific devices in production :frowning:
What Android version and device do you have?

Honor 50 with Android 13 (MagicOS 7.1)

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Thank you! When you rotate the screen, will it disappear?

Same problem here. S22+ android 13. The problem also exists if you rotate the screen. Version moviebase app 4.4.0

I uploaded a bug fix. If it didn’t work, I need to revert the change.

Rotating the screen temporarily fix the issue on my device

A reverted version will be released soon, Waiting for Google review.