Customer dissatisfaction

Hi Chris
I’m having a problem with the application and this made me unhappy. The problem is that although I choose my own language, some content still appears in that language. When I sent you my complaint, you can check the answer you gave in my first e-mail from tmdb. That’s why I want to cancel my premium membership. I sent you an e-mail (also via Google play store), but unfortunately you did not respond. I regret that I had to write a topic here. I would appreciate if you could help.

We are using the data from, which has the content translated by the community. You can add your translations.

Hello again,Chris
I want it to work without any problems because I bought a premium membership. After all, I paid for it. I said that I was not satisfied and wanted to cancel my membership, but instead of helping here, you say to translate and add your own language. I don’t want to use it. As a consumer, I know that it will be refunded within a month.I want your help to return it.

It’s the largest movie database, you won’t find more translated movies.

Please send me an email at support@moviebase with the purchase details.

hi Chris I emailed the information I wanted. Maybe one day I’ll come back again. Thank you and your team in advance.

I got a lot of support emails per day, so I can’t handle them all at once.

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