Correction Needed on Statistics Page

Switching to The TVDB standard of replacing the canceled status with ended is a nice change. Thank you for that. On the statistics page, the status wheel graph is now showing two “Ended” pie sections because it is still separating the former canceled series status entries into a separate piece but labeling it as ended…The two pie sections should now be combined into one ended section.

Thank you including the separate count of Specials watched. The issue remains that the specials watched count is being included in the total count of episodes watched. I think specials should be excluded from that count, especially since total available specials are not included in the total episode count. Excluding specials from both those counts and listing the number of specials watched is a good way to do it. As you can see below, including specials in the total episodes watched, in my case, causes my total episodes watched count to be larger than the total number of episodes in my tracked shows. Clearly that is not desirable,.

Thanks. The episode calculation is a bit tricky at the moment.
For instance, trakt users can have more / fewer episodes than the TMDB data.

HI Chris,

So you’re saying that my guess was wrong that specials were being included in my episodes watched count? I only thought that because the numbers make sense that way. If I subtract my number of specials watched from my total episodes watched, then compare the result to the total episodes available count, the result looks about right. Of course, I didn’t count the exact number, but that would make the numbers reasonable. I just want to be sure you are saying that the total episodes watched count does not include specials watched.


Hi Chris,

I just did a test to see if my assumption about specials is correct. Please see the images below. The first image shows my Statistics Screen when I began. The second image shows my Statistics Screen after I marked one additional Special episode as watched.

You can see that after I marked one additional Special episode as watched:

  1. The special episodes watched count increased by 1, from 1526 to 1527.
  2. The total episodes watched count increased by 1, from 26835 to 26836.

So specials watched are definitely being counted in the watched count of the :“All watched episodes” graph.

In addition, I completely removed a show from my history that had both regular and special episodes. Then I checked how the total count in the “All watched episodes” changed. It decreased by exactly the number of regular episodes in that series, not including the special episodes.

I believe this definitively proves that you are counting special episodes in the watched count of the “All watched episodes” graph but not in the total episodes of that same graph. So, this has nothing to do with differences between Trakt and TMDb. It is entirely because of the way you are calculating the numbers. I believe you can easily verify this by checking your code.

If you will just stop adding specials watched to the watched count in the “All watched episodes” graph, this problem will be solved.