Consider Using TheTVDB Status Standards for TV Series

TheTVDB has changed how they handle TV series status, and I think their changes are an improvement over what TMDb does.

Specifically, TheTVDB does not use the “Canceled” status. They have replaced all those with “Ended”. TMDb chooses to continue using Canceled. The problem I see with the Canceled status is that it is used inconsistently and inherently doesn’t make much sense. In reality every show that doesn’t begin with a definite finite length could be considered canceled, as someone makes a decision not to continue it. The distinction between ended and canceled is really meaningless and doesn’t add any value that I can see.

Also, TheTVDB has replaced the “Returning” status with “Continuing”. This is a better description of the status of those shows. “Returning” seems to imply that the show has stopped and will be back at some point, even if the show is airing on a regular schedule. “Continuing” is a better fit.

Though Moviebase relies on TMDb rather than TheTVDB, it would be a simple matter to substitute TheTVDB standards here. It could even be an option if you prefer.

There is a reason TheTVDB made these changes, and I think they make sense.

Thank you for considering.

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Thanks for you suggestion.

In Moviebase, we could rename the status. The status behind the TV show can’t be changed since we are using TMDB.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding. I wasn’t suggesting changing the value in TMDb. I would just like to change what is displayed in Moviebase. It would be a simple matter to display “Ended” in place of “Canceled” and to display “Continuing” in place of “Returning”. That’s all that would be required to match The TVDB practices. You don’t need to access The TVDB at all. I just think The TVDB status values make more sense, as I have described. They switched to these standards for a reason, and I think it was a good one. Of course, if some people don’t want this change, it could be an option in your app to choose which standard is used. But substituting the values as I describe would not affect your use of TMDb or require any access to The TVDB. Thanks for considering.

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The “Canceled” is a bit confusing, indeed! I am unsure if “Continuing” or “Returning” is better.
However, I have changed both names in the next beta version 3.4.1.

Thank you, Chris. I do think The TVDB approach is better, and I appreciate your adopting it.

Hi Chris,

I just received the 3.4.1 update. I see that “Returning” has been replaced by “Continuing”, but I still see the “Canceled” status for many shows.


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Thanks. I will check that.

Thank you, Chris. Everything looks good in Beta 3.4.2.

Great :+1:

Another question, do you have performance issues on the list and search page?

No, I’m not seeing any performance issues. The app is very snappy in everything I have tried. I have also been traveling lately, so I’ve been on several different networks and also using cell phone data when no wifi was available. I haven’t seen any performance issues at all.

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