Comments not displaying on first opening

The comments are not displaying when trying to open the dedicated section in a movie, especially when opening it first time, as follows:

The comments are displaying correctly only after going back and then opening again the same movie:

Even a force reload is not working, the circle loading goes on forever.

I run the latest beta version 3.2.7

There is something wrong with how we fetch the data with your network or the threads we run in the app. It seems there is something wrong with the Honor 20 with Magic UI 4.0.0.

Please try to test your app with an Huawei or Honor phone, my wife has the same issues with P20 lite… I don’t think it has to do with network, because it doesn’t work probably with WiFi or 4G… Anyway I was reading latest reviews on Google play about the app and many other has similar issues. I would not go on developing new features before fixing critical core bugs. Are those issues going to be a fixed milestone to reach? Thanks

Are you sure that so many have issues with displaying the comments?
I didn’t find so many users and never get this request before.

The P20 lite is also a Huawei Phone. Keep in kind that Huawei isn’t fully supported due to Google Services restrictions.

I’m sorry about my english not always perfect, I wanted to say not “many”, you are right, just “some”… I didn’t mean with this specific issue, but with all the ones I submitted in the last days in this forum.

I understand that Huawei phones could have problems with Google services, but yours is the only app that shows them. I don’t have any issues with any other app on the Google Store.

I know I’m maybe pressing too much, but it’s only because I really find your app useful as a daily routine, I really love it and bought it because I trust it, hope these bugs will be corrected somehow, otherwise using it daily is very problematic for Huawei/Honor users like me.

Thanks for your support! I try my best to fix the issue. I have only a Samsung and Google Pixel at home.

We are using some Google servers for our content, which could have an impact for Huawei phones.

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