Change the poster/background for movies, tv shows and seasons


Before anything thanks for the app, I love it and I use it as my main tracker for movies and series.

Recently, I was looking for other apps with the same goal to find if there was one that I liked more.

I found out about Tv Time which I tried and it had a feature that I really liked which was “Use (poster/banner) as default” where you could pick a poster/banner among the available ones on TVDb (Tv Time content supplier) and that tv show would show with that poster/banner in the app just for you. But I didn’t really liked it because that feature (which was the main reason I liked the app) was only available for tv shows and not movies too, and the app was also a non-trakt client.

So I started to look for every trakt-client app to find out one that had that feature and I found out that Showly had. But I also didn’t really liked it because it wasn’t as much visually pleasing as Moviebase and the posters/banners available for movies/tv shows were few and most of them were not in english.

Since in Moviebase it is possible to see the availables posters (from TMDb) for any movie/tv shows/season (the screen where you can turn into full screen, share or download them) and swipe through banners it would be a nice improvement if a button to set the selected poster as the main one was added.

I think that it is a great feature and it would be a nice addition to the app, making it more immersive.

I also have other suggestions as:
·add movies collections (for example, “The Avengers collection”) to favourite
·add imdb episode rating
·increase the number of personal lists if possible (the max. is 10)
·search people’s personal public lists

If I wasn’t clear in any moment please reply and I’ll try to be more clearer.
Sorry if the text was too long and for my bad english, it isn’t my first language.

Thank you.

This feature would be huge, specially for series that don’t have a common poster in here and for actors. This could be done locally, I don’t see a need for it to be in-sync, but you could always make the JSON backup have this too.