Change How The Next Episode to be watched Decide

Last year I watched some episodes (S07E09 and some more) of the “Arrow” series. These episodes are from middle, as they were cross over episodes I watched them and didn’t needed to watch whole series from start. I have just started watching The Arrow series. I marked S01E01 watched, so I must get S01E02 to watch next in progress instead it tells me to watch S07E10. Please correct this. It should tell the just next episode to be watched with reference to last watched episode.

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Does this issue happen with all TV shows? I will consider this logic.

Just checked again with different tv show. Yes this issue happened with it too. So I think it is universal. Glad to know you acknowledged and considering the issue.

@KapilTapsi isn’t that more of a Trakt issue? (if you’re connected with Trakt)

I don’t think so. Trakt has made API available and it is upto our developer how does he implement it.
The logic is implementable as I have used it in my previous app TV show tracker.

This function is beneficial if one has watched cross over episodes prior to whole series.

For me there are more than 100 episodes left to reach season 7 and it is very annoying if I have to open app and browse series then season then particular episode every time. Specially when I am binge watching.

I checked how it works on the Trakt website. It seems that the behavior is the same as in the app, you have to finish the TV show until it checks previous not watched episodes.
The implementation is very hard to check which episode was the last watched and iterate trough all.

Maybe you need a fast way to open last added episodes?

Thank you @chris for trying. Yes I admit the behavior is same as that on trakt website. I saw the asked feature in the app I used earlier. Here is the snap of what it looks like

I last saw Episode 15 of season 2.And it is asking me to watch episode 16.
Moviebase and trakt website asking me to watch Episode 10 of season 7

I don’t like using that app epecially for one series. But the dev made that function well. I know if it can be implemented then you will try your best to do it. I have faith in you.

Thanks again :blush: