Change color of the mark "Seen" - All or not all

Maybe, especially in Tv Shows, can be good have a different colour when you only have seen some chapthers or when you have seen all the aired episodes.

When you are in Coleccion - Tv Show, you don’t know if you have seen all the episodes or not unless you enter into the Tv Show and go season to season



You mean the watched episodes / icons / progress in the TV show details page?

I mean.

In “Collection - TV-Shows”, the shows have a “seen” mark

(red in this case)

Well, my upgrade will be change the colour of this mark depending of if you watched all the epidodies all the aired seasons or if not

For example, in my screenshot I seen all the episodies of YOU - (Green mark), but in This is Us I didn’t see the last season (Red mark)

What do you think? Can it be?

Thank you

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: I think it’s a bit of work, because the app doesn’t check all episodes but rather the TV show is in the list. At least I will keep an eye on it.

In the TV show details and progress tab would it easier.

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In the Progress Tab, no problem, because it appears the watched and the total of the episodes (also the left episodes)