Certain Shows Not Pulling Through to Progress

I’m having a few random issues with episodes pulling through to the “Progress” tab on the app. The vast majority work fine but certain shows appear in the Upcoming list, the notification comes through when they air and the episode appears in the season list (with the correct date) but it does not appear in the Progress tab, no matter how long I leave it. All the data is correct on TMDB. I’ve attached an example from The Last Leg but the following shows all suffer the same glitch:

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Managed to find a fix (for anybody who experiences similar):

Log in to trakt.tv
Remove ALL watched episodes and remove from watchlist on Trakt.
Open Moviebase app and sync (fully)
Close app, clear cache
Reopen the app and add the programme (series) to watchlist
On the first episode, click the plus to add to the Up Next queue.
Go through and mark all previous episodes as watched. When you get to the final aired episode it will then appear in the Progress list as normal.

This is the ONLY way I’ve found of fixing this. Any deviation from any of the steps means it doesn’t work and you need to start again.

For clarity, this definitely doesn’t happen on most series/programmes, definitely a little glitch but it’s fixable so all good :grin:

Thanks for your report. Which version do you use?

I’m on 2.6.5 from Play store. It was strange as only on certain shows and not particularly popular ones outside the UK (or even in the UK!). Maybe something to do with the TMDB / Trakt sync or alignment? Hopefully Trakt taking a feed from TMDB in future will help but, in the short term, at least there is a fix so all good :slightly_smiling_face: