Can't sign-in with Trakt


I just got a new phone and trying to setup Movie Base, but it won’t let me sign-in with Trakt.

I click Profile > Sign in > Connect to Trakt and then Allow moviebase to use my account, it returns to moviebase, but I’m not logged in.

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I have tried removing moviebase in Trakt connected apps. And it doesn’t reappear when I allow the connection to moviebase.

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Hab das gleiche Problem. Hab alles versucht,nichts hat geholfen.

I have same problems with trakt, so now application is useless.

Do you use beta 4.0.5 or the production version 3.9.x?

I use the beta version, 4.0.5

I usw also 4.0.5,in 3.9.x ist the Same Problem

There is coming a fix in the beta in the next hours/days.


Updated, now everything is working again. Thanks for the great support

Yup works now after the 4.0.6 update.
Thank you so much for the amazing work on this app!

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