Calendar not working as expected

Calendar doesn’t show all shows even when i have enabled “waiting and ended shows”. For example, “One piece” is scheduled to release next episode tomorrow and next week. But neither calendar not widget shows “One piece”. Please help. I want to enable every show that i have ever watched and is in watchlist to show next episode in Calendar. It helps me to check if the complete season is ended. I am a binge watcher. I watch whole season at once.

I will attach thumbnails which briefly describe the issue.
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I mistakenly reported same issue in someone else’s feedback, ignore it please.

earlier i used tv show tracker. It shows every show. I just purchased premium to support you.

Could you try to start a sync progress and refresh the calendar?

Thank you @chris for fast response. first i would like to tell you that app is awesome. though it is unfortunate that i faced some problems and i believe that you will help me. as you asked I tried syncing again. and one piece showed. Though only one episode (which is to be released tomorrow) is listed.But that may be issue of TVDB as on trakt 3 future episodes are there. also if it were possible to enable calendar for tv shows in watchlist. i have some shows which i yet to start watching and at the moment they havent completed the season so I am waiting. but they don’t show in calendar.
please add infinite calendar option so i can check all future dates.

one more issue. calendar shows only one episode to be released when whole season it scheduled (netflix series are released in bulk episodes) to be released which is confusing.

if you have time please make option to customize widget color and transparency

i know it may be a lot but these will be helpful:hugs::hugs:

thank you

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as you can see in image. altered carbon has 8 episodes which will release at once. but calendar shows only one episode to be released

i am always there to test things if you want me to.

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Thank you very much :hugs:

I give my best for a good app. Unfortunately, Trakt (TVDB) and Moviebase (TMDB) have a few different TV shows, which needs more investigation in the future.

The calendar supports only the next episode at the moment. Entire season releases are not considered at the moment.

Thanks, Chris

thank you for acknowledging the issues. I hope you will get it done for sure. thank you