Cache general info for offline

When I first started using Moviebase, back in it’s early days, the main feature I liked was that it cached general info of TV and movies and made it available offline.

I started on an old version for a long time because of this feature, but had to upgrade thanks to new phone LOL.

Now with all the advancement Moviebase has had it has lost this great feature yet it’s clear Moviebase caches this info but doesn’t make it available when you are offline :man_shrugging: now we get the most basic of cached info. At least display the about info :man_shrugging:

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The data should be cached as long as you don’t close the app. Do you have an example?

Ahhhhh, don’t close the app. It used to be that you could close the app and when offline if you opened the app to a movie previously viewed it would bring up that info from cache, not anymore as you stated you can’t ever close the app.

Which doesn’t make any sense to me. The data it still there in the app cache — 301MB currently sitting there for nothing except images :man_shrugging:

Most content don’t have a persistent cache. Mostly the header and images.

Maybe an improvement for the future.

The old version kept the description when offline, can’t remember what else though :man_shrugging:

There are a few other trakt apps that do cache pretty well, if I’m remembering right, cathode thought it hasn’t been updated in a while, maybe shortly 2.0… If they help at all. I remember checking all the trakt apps for which ones cached the best, some cached nearly everything for offline including comments, that is if you had previously viewed the item.


We removed the overview description from the database because it wasn’t relevant to the list and reduce the size/complexity.
We provide several lists with multiple accounts and languages, which makes the caching tricky.

So I had an idea, a possible easy workaround for this.

Since everything stays in usable cache as long as you don’t quit the app, how about a setting to keep the app persistent even if cleared from recent app? :man_shrugging::grinning:

That way as long as the user doesn’t restart their device or activity force stop the app everything they’ve browsed will be instantly accessible — great for those of us that are often in areas with very slow data :wink:

Just an idea… Not even sure if android allows such persistence :man_shrugging:

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Interesting idea. The Android system clears the app when it needs memory :wink:

I can think about an offline mode for Premium users :slight_smile: