Bugs and feedback 2.2.0 beta

  1. After the beta update, the app language changed to english, although the settings say “Deutsch”.
    Change the language again, no effect.

  2. If I would like to see the statistics of watched movies / series or statistics of my current watchlist, the app crashed.

Thank you for these great app! One of my favourite and most clicked apps on my device!


This may be related but since the latest update; the date format is displayed in US format (mm/dd/yy), previously the locale was dd/mm/yy

I can only assume that, although the settings are set correctly, the change is not being implemented throughout the app (see pic);


yep, the language bug I can confirm. I’ve also set it to German but it doesn’t respect the setting.
Another thing that came with this version: I’m seeing ads randomly despite being a long time premium user. Most times I saw them in the progress/calendar view (same screen as in the last post).

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The language is fixed, I had a wrong configuration line in the app (only use english…).

@Dmx The ads is displayed by setting the first page to progress?

@chris I’ll see if I can reproduce that again. I saw it happen two times those last days, twice when entering the application from the Homescreen Widget (Progress Widget).
However it might have been a coincidence or fixed with the release from a few minutes ago.
It looked like this:

Update of my bugs:

  • language…fixed
  • app crashed after statics…fixed


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Good to hear! Thanks for help with this reports :slight_smile:

Hidden ads will be completely solved in the next Beta release.


Great to hear that, thanks @chris
Because I could reproduce the ads with this version again :slight_smile:

I have a bug with contents language in list view. I have app in English and region in Spain.

In list views all content are wrongly in Spanish, but in detail view language changes to English.

Could you check it please?:slightly_smiling_face:

Did you have Spanish as language when you added the movies?

It stores the title in the list only once. What happens if you remove and add it again?

It seems that was the problem. When I added again now title are correctly in English.

Good for me with that solution!

Thanks for the quick response