Bug version 2.2.5

@chris Whenever I mark something watched it marks them twice.
This problem is also there when I mark them watched when my device is offline.

Please look into this.
Summary: it marks everything watched twice.

I will check it the next days.

Thank you @chris. I just tried again before commenting. I marked one episode of boruto and one episode of legends of tomorrow watched. Boruto and legends of tomorrow both got marked twice just like altered carbon.

Not using any other app at the moment only moviebase.
It’s very tough while watching and going to visit trakt. I am addicted to moviebase. Also Be safe.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Is it happen with every item (episode, movie, show, season) and immediately after adding the item?

Wait I didn’t check for movies. 1 minute please

@chris I tried again.

Movies are fine. I tried with 2 movies.

Whole seasons are also fine. I marked 2 different seasons at different time. They are also fine.

Tried with episode again. The problem is only with episodes. They get marked twice.

I check seconds after on trakt website. I mark them here and refresh trakt website.

The problem also persist when I mark them when I am offline and when I come online I see they got marked twice

The Trakt request returns a wrong response (failed status) for episodes, which ends up in another retry in the background task :smiley:

Lol those status from Http request. Should I expect bugfixed build anytime soon?

One more thing can you change the color of every text to white in widgets. That greyish text isn’t clearly visible when on dark wallpaper and when widgets are transparent

Do you still have the problem with the double items in the beta version 2.2.6?

@chris I don’t know from where to get beta apk. And yes the problem is there as I am on same version 2.2.5. but now it is less frequent. Not it gets double in 1 out of 8 markings approximately, earlier it was with every episode

Please check the app update at the google play store.
The official version is now 2.2.6.

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Thank you for informing. The app got updated yesterday. It seems to be working good now. I will inform if problem persists.

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:pensive: I don’t know what is at fault the app or trakt. But issue still there I watched about 12episodes today and two of them were marked twice.