Bug in Trailer section - menu items not working


the menu points in the overflow menu only work on the homepage (where you can select between Movies and Series). With overflow I mean “Open with”, “Share”, “Add movie to” etc.). Going in a sub-category, e.g. movies/upcoming or movies/in cinema, some overflow menus don’t work, namely “add movie to” and “open with”, there is no action if you click those menu points. Same with series.


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Thank you very much for report. I fixed the issue in the current beta and will be available in the next production version. :slight_smile:


Could you tell me which Version Number the production release has, so I can verify? With 1.2.9 (installed a few minutes ago) the Bug is still present. Thanks!

Thanks for the hint, I the right slide menu was missing. So know it should work :slight_smile:

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Yes, works perfectly now, thanks :slight_smile:!

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