Bug in the new beta 1.5.1

The first bug I See Is that in home Page …There are no entries in my collection (tv shows and movies) but my collection section is full of shows and movies

Thanks. Did a small mistake reading the correct list.

Fix coming soon.

Another error…

Ratings are also missing from home screen

Everything fixed in version 1.5.2. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

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Obviously There are some things to translate in my language …but can You think about replace the entry 1 day 2 days …7days from now (in calendar next episodes) with the name of the days of the week…monday tuesday etc???but from 8 days you write numbers as now. This Is a suggestion :slight_smile:

I would also like to chime in here with one question and one Bug.
First the Bug:
Upcoming series on the Homescreen actually displays upcoming movies
Now the question:
Is it possible to hide series from “Next Episodes” on the Homescreen?

@gi.dima91 At the moment, days should be fine. Otherwise it’s a bit work with the timezone etc. :smiley:

@Dmx Thanks for the info. Fix coming soon. Also the hidden TV shows aren’t included yet, but it comes in the next release.


As You see in the screenshot, today in the “next esisodes” there are yet two shows released 19 may.
Is this a bug or works fine?

Yep, it is still using the cached TV show details. I didn’t updated the TV show so often yet.

It should disappear when you click on the TV show :wink:

I tried. When I click on the show (After the airing day) not disapppear immediately…sometimes yes sometimes not.
Antother request.
Can You add an option to “not see/see” in the poster of the movies/shows the rating?
Great Job!!! :slight_smile: