Bug in new detail view

Hey, I just wanted to report a small visual bug in the new detail view (which looks great btw.).
This is affecting TV Shows, or to be precise the episode pictures at the top of the page.
They will not refresh and show the correct corresponding pictures when you open them in a certain way. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any TV Show
  2. Open an Episode from there by selecting “Last Episode” in About
  3. You will see the episode pictures at the top - remember them.
  4. On the top right side click “Open Season” and select another episode different from the one you came right now
  5. You will see the picture hasn’t changed/refreshed, it stays the same as from the episode you came from.

This will also happen if you select for example a episode from your Watched History from the Homescreen directly and do the same thing (clicking Open Season and selecting another episode).

Hi Dmx,

Thanks for finding this issue! We changed the loading in the last beta. Do you still have this bug?

Best regards,


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@chris I didn’t want to open another topic … I have several hidden series in trakt, but the app doesn’t hide all of them when loaded, just a few, the vast majority are still visible even with the option to hide actived

@TMeireles This topic is also fine :slight_smile: The hidden series should be listed in the “hidden items” section.

Where won’t the series be hidden?

All series that I talked about are in the hidden items list… They appear in the mais section, when I set the app to hide finished shows, the hidden ones that are not completed appears

Hi Chris,

thanks for having a look at that. Unfortunately yes, I’m still seeing this issue with the latest beta. However I can imagine that something like this is quite hard to fix because of how it occurs.

@TMeireles You mean on the progress page?

Yes, right there… I have 33 hidden series, the app just hide 7, dont know why

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I improved the hidden items loading from trakt. Now it should load the data better.