Bottom menu bar

So, seems that I got an upgrade (version 1.7.8) that comes with a new layout, including a bottom menu navigation bar. Problem is this takes up valuable screen real estate.

The old version beautifully fitted 9 images on the screen in a 3x3 configuration, which scrolled brilliantly from page to page. Alas, the third row now gets chopped in half. Bummer.

I’d hoped to drop a screenshot here, but that’s not happening on my Android. Hope you get my meaning.

I would like to request a rollback to the previous layout (no bottom navigation bar with menu search etc returned to the top area). Perhaps a display setting toggle?

Respectfully, looking forward to your response.

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Update on this. I have just noticed that the “Netflix Top Picks” category hides the bottom menu bar achieving the desired 3x3 layout displaying nicely from page to page, whereas the “Collection” category does not hide the bottom menu bar.

So, specifically I am talking about the “Collection” category in tiled gallery view. Other categories are also impacted.

Cheers, have a good day, thanks for all the time you put in.

Thanks for your feedback Mr_Filmpac. The bottom navigation menu is one of the most user wishes we had. It also allows us to develop more and easier new features like a user profile page, extra discover content.

A lot of users complain that they have to press the left top corner menu, which is not easy on large screens. Additionally, the account header was too hidden.

The Nextflix Top Picks opens a completely new screen page. In the future, there will be public lists that can be accessed from links directly.

I have already talked about the same subject :joy: I do like more the hamburguer menu too.

It’s hard to combine all wishes :wink:

Let’s try to improve this layout.

Perhaps a switch under the settings menu? Something like “Hide bottom menu bar”?

By default this would be off, resulting in the current requested layout. If turned on, the bottom menu bar disappears and the layout reverts to the way it was with hamburger menu and search button on the upper menu area where it used to be.

Best of both worlds, win-win.

We could add the search button on the Home page?

The bottom navigation could be disappeared by scrolling down?

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Sorry for the late reply. Yep, both sound good to me, the goal being to disappear the bottom menu when scrolling.