Big feature: Kodi support

I know this is a big deal, and I’m not the first one to suggest it.
It’s about the general collaboration between Kodi and Moviebase. I’ve been using Yatse for a while now and this app is very good, but the information about each movie is much better in Moviebase! That’s why it’s so annoying when I watch a movie and have to search out the movie on Moviebase to get the information I need.

But also the general synchronization of the film/series database of Kodi with moviebase would be very useful.

Here you can go very far and even take over the functionality offered by apps like Kore and Yatse. But that would probably go too far. But a small integration could be very useful:

  • Starting movies/series via Moviebase on Kodi
  • synchro the Kodi database with Moviebase!
  • what is currently playing and maybe also controlling it (jump to a point in time)

Not an urgent thing, but still a very nice thing that would make the app perfect!

While I do like your idea because I also use mainly Kodi, I got two points here to add:

  1. Syncing your Kodi Database with Moviebase is possible with Trakt, why not use the Trakt KODi Add-on and Trakt in Moviebase. That’s what it’s there for.
  2. Your other points are very cool, however I’m asking myself if it wouldn’t be better for number 3 to have Yatse implement a direct link to Moviebase.

I use trakt, both on kodi as a plugin and in moviebase. And with it everything is synchronized wonderfully! But this is not at all what I mean with my post.
It’s about my film database which I have at Kodi. So what I currently have locally on the hard drive. Yatse displays this database and also gives a lot of information, but Moviebase is much better structured and offers even more.

If this is done with Kodi, then two other big players have to be named as well:

  • Plex
  • Emby

Moviebase would then drag the database from Plex/Emby and display it in the app(as with kodi). Moviebase could then tell Plex/emby that a certain player should now play a certain movie.