Beta - Shows Not Visible in Calendar

Most shows are working fine and pulling through to calendar but certain shows don’t show in calendar or in progress for things to watch after air date. All air date details are in TMDB and it has synced to the app, it just doesn’t show in calendar.

I’ve done several syncs, marked previous episodes as watched and cleared app cache and reloaded. This is a problem that has been going on with these specific shows for some time now. Other shows are still syncing and pulling though fine.

Any ideas to fix please.?

Thanks for your report. Could do you have an example at the moment? I try to reproduce this TV show then :slight_smile:

Hi Chris. “Have I Got News For You” S59E06 and “The Last Leg” S20E01 are the two best examples I have at the moment. Both appear to be up to date in TMDB, they both aired last week and the series are showing in the calendar but neither appear in my Progress list.

Happy to provide any further info/undertake any testing you need me to. Thanks!