Best way to update TRAKT after the crash?

Hi All

Right after TRAKT went down I disabled auto sync but keep updating all my series and movies, in this App, now that everything is back online I went to my TRAKT web site and all my updates are almost
2 months old, which make sense because the last backup is from early Nov and they were not able to recover much data from the transaction logs.

So, What is the best way to update the Trakt site?

1- just re-enable auto-sync


2.- use TRANSFER TO TRAKT Option before enable auto sync

Any help / advise please

I think you need to recover the Trakt data on their website Track. Discover. Share. - Trakt

I have the data in this app and is fully updated so how can I update trakt from it? Or you are telling me there is not Way to transfer my updates to trakt?

Now I also was the one asking for an option to get a. Json file… So how this option will help us if trakt Crash happen again?

Finally can you explain me how the TRANSFER Option works and when we can use it?

Tks in advance

I have released the latest beta 3.8.0, which contains a new backup feature for premium users. This makes a full backup as a JSON file.

You could start a force sync via the profile → view profile → sync. This will normally sends all data to trakt again.

I tried to create a backup but the json file has 0 bites

Is there something inside the JSON file? Do you have items in your moviebase app?

Could you do a screenshot of the backup page please?

is not working when I use the custom option when I use internal it works

Maybe the storage permission isn’t available. Which Android version do you use?

I android 10 is not a perm issue, when using custom I put the file in the download folder same as internal

It was my phone I just power cycle and now both options are working for me thanks for your support

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Will this feature be available for free in the future ?

No, it will be available for Premium users only.


I tested this feature now, unluckily it does not backup my local data with (822 movies, 146 shows), but instead it backups the bugged data from trakt which stopped syncing at around (130 movies, 100 shows).

Edit: oh it might back it up, but dont restore (all).
Edit2: Ok i figured out how to fix it manually in the json file

It should create a full backup and restore it to the same account type.

You could manipulate the accountType in the JSON and restore again for transferring to another account.

Yes that was working perfectly as it looks like, probably for casual users it would be nice to sync from one service to another witouth messing around with json file.

For any other interested reader take care when transfering “ratings”:
Moviebase listId is “rated” and trakt listId is “ratings”
Copying “size” and “items” does the job inside “userLists”.

Other useful informations:
“Mediatype”: 0 movies, 1 shows, ?, 3 episodes
“Accounttype”: 0 moviebase, 1 ?tmdb?, 2 trakt

Thanks Chris.