Backup function not working

Hiya @chris I am using the latest 3.8.1 version. The backup feature is not working at my end.
If I keep location as Internal and hit ‘Create backup’ nothing happens.
If I keep location as Custom and hit ‘Create backup’, I could see moviebase-backup.json 0 bytes file getting created.
Any fix please?

Which Android version/system do you use? Is the button disabled for a while, or do you get a message when pressing the button?

I am using Samsung S20 FE 5G One UI 5.0/Android 13
No, the button is enabled state only and I do not get any message upon click.

Even my .json backup file is turning to be of 0bytes file. Nothing in there.

Thanks for confirming, so I am not alone :slight_smile:
Let’s wait for @chris to get back to us on this.

Do you all have Android 13 with all enabled permissions?

Yes, Android 13 for me with all permission in the app enabled.

Exactly the same like i have reported already:

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I found the issue, it has something to do with the new permission in Android 13. I fixed it already in the newest beta, which will be released soon.


That’s great to know, thanks mate.
Any chance you can add me to the beta @chris ?

thats really great news, finally i can use moviebase again ;). My discord watched list kinda exploded over the holiday time. xD

Backup & restore does work now on android 13 with version 3.8.3. Thanks.


I have increased the number.
Just open this link here or and join to beta on the page

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Working in v3.8.3 like a charm now and many thanks for adding me to the beta Chris.

Thanks for testing and reporting, so I can focus on implementation :slight_smile:

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