App shows no premium subscription available

I stared premium subscription couple of months back but now the app tells me subscribe again even though I’ve already paid for my subscription

Hey, did you update to the newest version? We updated our purchases there.

You can sync/restore also your purchase in the settings.

Yes I did update the app and yes I tired to restore my purchases but I’m not able to it shows me an error

Hey Chris,
I’ve already paid for the subscription but I cannot use any of the premium service man please help me out or just refund me the money :sob:

Do you use the newest updated and do you don’t have two Google accounts on the Play Store?

Otherwise, try to close the app completely (also in the system) and then restart.

Yes I am using the updated version i have attached the photo for reference

And yes I have multiple accounts on play store but I have logged in to the same account from which I had made the purchase

Dude I’m trying to explain you there is some mistake from your end I’ve tried everything man just give me back my subscription or give me back my money😭

There are thousands of premium users. Mostly it happens because of a mismatch of the Google Play Store account. Even if the activated one isn’t the one from the Google Play Store, it can happen that it is currently using another one.

If you wish, I can give you a refund. Please send me the purchase ID via private message.

I would like a refund I’m sorry I’ve tried everything but cannot get my purchases

How can I reach out to you personally can you please share a email address so I can get to you

You can write me at