App crash/close when opening Progress

I added a lot of shows as watched, then tried to open progress, first the shows images were blank, then the app crashed, the next time i opened the app i couldnt sync and still crashes on progress, but now the list is empty.

I tried to clean all data and login again, everything i added was lost and if i try to add just 1 show it starts crashing on progress.

I tested this in 2 devices, both have the same problem. I removed everything i could, deleted the app and the data, nothing is fixing this issue, the app is basically not working :confused:

Log of the lasst error:

I updated to the Beta (2.5.0) and the crashes stoped but now i cant seem to sync to trakt. If i mark a whole season as watched it doesnt sync, but if i mark episodes individualy as watched it does.


So i tested much more and discovered that if i add episodes individualy it automatically adds the episode to history and trakt. But if i add a whole season it doesnt add to history, the progress in the series says that the seasons were watched but the history doesnt have any of those episodes. If i try to sync it goes back to that previous state, meaning the progress goes back to the season not having any of those episodes watched. Sometimes when i try to sync the episodes just dont go away from the progress and dont appear on history, then i have to unwatch all of them manually to be able to watch them again, or it wont even sync unrelated series with trakt.

[EDIT 2]

Tried to remove and add series to my watchlist, their state is never sent to trakt, when sync they just reappear, if they were removed, or disappear, if they were added. Seasons and episodes have the same issue. It works fine with movies, if i add or remove movies they sync with trakt automatically.

Thanks for your information. The Trakt service is broken at the moment. Send and receive TV shows to/from Trakt backend is not possible :pensive:

I think they are in maintenance. But the issues i ran in occurred earlier today, i could do everything i mentioned on other apps…

Not every endpoint. Adding an entire season to the history is not possible. Other apps may add each episode separately.

Makes sense, do you know for how long those endpoints are broken? I really loved the app, but since i started to use trakt again with your app its really a pain adding every episode, not been able to add to watchlist, etc. I even got life time premium to support your work, its the best implementation out there and has a fantastic UI. Really hoping to use it as soon as possible, even tried to run on android studio emulator hahahaha

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Thank you :slight_smile: I sent Trakt a message, but I am not sure when they will fix it.
Here are some news

I also want to have a working app, because I track my TV shows with trakt too :sweat_smile:

So i just tested adding a show to watchlist in other apps, and its working. You sure this one is an endpoint issue?

@chris, any news? I am manually adding each episode of each season… But i still cant add or remove any series from watchlist (it works for movies). I can do it in other apps, but as i said i really wouldnt like to use those…

I tried a few apps and it is not working. Which app can you do it?

CineTrak, just tested again.

There are some changes in the requests, which I also have to change in the app.

There will come a beta soon.

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Version 2.5.2 is online