ALL MOVIES/TV SHOES produced/aired per year

Hello today i was trying to find best movies/tv shows that were aired on 2018/2019/2020 and i realised there are a lot of movies and tv shoes which were awesome than I’ve never watched or of heard about. And that is when i realised that most of us just watch what the media advertises and recommends and yet there are so many underated awesome movies. Take an example of a movie “What happened to Monday” i loved that movie a lot in fact it is one of my best, yet I’ve never received such a recommendation on my sci-fi. This led me to think of a feature request for Moviebase.

1.Possibility of seeing all movies/tv shoes aired at a certian year i.e 2018 or 19 or 2020 as they come in. Lets take an example, a lot of movies have come out this 2021 but where can i find all that information of all the movies that were aired in 2021. Please consider.

2.If possible kindly split this movies/tv shows in specific categories