Add Option to Mark Episodes Watched before Their Listed Air Dates

Please add an option to allow us to mark TV episodes as watched before the air date listed by TMDb. TMDb rules require that moderators enforce air dates based on when episodes are aired on the “official” network. Many, many shows are now having their episodes available on streaming media before they are aired on those “official” networks. Episodes often appear on streaming services like Acorn before they are aired elsewhere. We should be able to mark episodes watched when we watch them, regardless of the air date TMDb insists on using. Personally, I think the first available date should be the one used by TMDb, but they’re never going to listen to me on that. As it stands, we can sometimes not mark an episode watched for several weeks after we actually watch it.

Thank you

I requested this ages ago by mail, because I kept falling foul of this, but never heard anything :frowning:

I am working on a better sync / tracking. Maybe I can enable the adding after the refactoring.