Add "Australia" selection for What’s new on Netflix?

Can you add “Australia” country selection for the “What’s new on Netflix”?

Next to the “Country” selection, the “English” language cannot be changed. Is this a bug? Click on it, no list of languages is displayed for selection.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I will check if I can get Australia content.

The language is coupled to the content language in the settings at the moment.

@chris Any update on this for showing Australia content?

If you can get Australia content, it would be great if this will integrate into the “Watch Providers”.

Also, I asked this before for adding Amazon Prime Video to “Watch Provider”. You said this is not possible. Not sure if any public info available for this now?

Lastly, can you make zoom-in and zoom-out with finger gestures available for Media > Posters and Backdrops? They’re now displaying fixed size.

I remember it was able to click the Backdrops at the Top to open them in full size. It’s annoying that now I have to scroll to the very bottom to do this.

The Aurtialias should be in the new versions.

About the poster: There is a button to fit the screen.

It’s great to hear that Australia is coming to the new version. When it will be released?

I know there is a button to fit full screen, but I want the ability to freely zoom-in/zoom-out with 2 fingers gestures by pinch-in/pinch-out.

Also, can you add the option to click on the backdrop at the top to open? Right now, it only can swipe left and right.

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Could you send me a screen of the current page? Maybe the toolbar is missing.

The toolbar is there, but the “Zoom” button only zoom the picture to full screen! All pictures do not have the ability to freely zoom-in/out with 2-finger gesture.

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