"Add another play" isn't doing anything

On the beta.

When I click/touch the red check mark on a movie I’ve previously seen, then hit the “Add another play” option, nothing happens. When I check my history, nothing has been added. I’ve checked, this happens with any movie I’ve previously seen.

Hey, the history shows only the latest item. It will have an effect if you use trakt (adding second time without deleting).

Sorry, been busy and haven’t been able to respond. I’m logged into trakt as well but hitting “add another play” doesn’t add anything to trakt either, I’ve checked on the web and made sure to sync.

It doesn’t look like hitting that button does anything really.

I noticed this bug as well even before joining the beta. “Add another play” just isn’t doing anything.

Can also confirm, was just about to open a topic when I saw this. The Button is not doing anything. I’m also logged in to Trakt. Might even be an older Bug, don’t know, I didn’t use the Button very often until recently when I started to watcha show for the 2nd time :slight_smile: